How to prepare for overnight desert safari Dubai:


Dubai is known for its ultramodernarchitecture, luxury hotels, and upscale shopping. However, the city alsooffers a wealth of activities for outdoors enthusiasts. If you're planning to visit Dubai and are looking for an adventure, consider going on an overnight desert safari Dubai. This unique experience will give you a taste of the Arabian desert landscape and culture. To make the most of your safari, it's essential to prepare ahead of time. Read on for tips on what to bring and how to get ready for your trip into the sand lands! 

How to preparefor overnight desert safari Dubai: 

Dubai offers visitors a uniqueperspective on what it means to live in the desert. Most people visit for a fewdays and never leave the city, but those who want to get a more authentic experience of life in Dubai should consider an overnight desert safari Dubai. If you're planning to take part in this adventure, there are a few things that you need to know about the overnight Dubai desert safari. 

Pack clothesthat can be layered: 

Dubai is divided into three climaticregions: the coast, the desert, and the mountains. During the summer,temperatures on the beach can reach as high as 40°C (104°F), whereas, in the mountains, temperatures are mild. The desert can be extremely excellent at night, so you should wear clothes that can easily be added or removed for the desert safari. 

Pack plenty ofsunscreen: 

Although the UAE can be very hot duringthe summer months, there are also many opportunities to enjoy outdooractivities. The sun here is also quite strong, so you should pack plenty of sunscreens to protect yourself. However, the desert can get very cold at night, so it's important to also bring warm layers for the Dubai desert safari. 

Bring somecash: 

Although some of the larger hotelsand resorts on the coast will accept credit, most locations in the heart of thedesert will only accept cash. If you don't bring enough money, you can quickly go into debt trying to pay for lodging and food. 

Wearcomfortable walking shoes: 

Although you might want to changeinto more stylish sandals or go barefoot after arriving at your destination,you should wear comfortable walking shoes for the long car ride to and from the desert. If you plan to go hunting for gems or fossils, you should also wear sturdy boots. 

Pack a dustymask: 

The desert is full of fine sand anddust, both of which can irritate and even damage your lungs. For this reason,you should pack a dusty mask when you go on an overnight desert safari. One mask should be enough, especially if you plan to go off on your own. 

Bring aflashlight: 

Although there will always be enoughlight during the day, you should still pack a flashlight before going on anovernight desert safari. If anything happens to your vehicle and you find yourself stuck in the desert, you can use your flashlight to signal for help. 

Bring plenty ofwater: 

Water is vital when travelingthrough the desert. As a result, you should always have plenty of water withyou before going on an overnight desert safari. If your vehicle breaks down and you find yourself stranded, your water will help keep you hydrated and cool. 

Bring a firstaid kit: 

Although most people who go onovernight desert safaris plan to drive or take a short camel ride, shouldanything go wrong, there's a chance you will have to walk. If this happens, it's essential to have some first aid supplies with you. 


If you want to see some of thedesert wildlife, you should pack a pair of binoculars. If you're lucky, youmight spot some Arabian oryxes and gazelles. You can also use your binoculars to spot birds in the distance. 

Bring a camera: 

Even if you forget your binoculars,you won't forget your camera. Bring a quality camera that can takehigh-resolution photos to capture all of the beauty that this desert has to offer. If you want to capture some great shots of the stars at night, bring a tripod as well. 

Pack a GPS: 

Although most local guides arehighly knowledgeable, they may or may not have all the latest maps. If you wantto find your way back to civilization after spending the night in the desert, you should pack a GPS before leaving. 

Plan foremergencies: 

After you arrive in Dubai, you'llfind that there are plenty of adventures to be had. As long as you plan, youshould be able to go on an overnight desert safari with no problem. If anything happens and they find themselves stuck in the desert, they can use their flashlight to signal help. 

Dressin layers:  

When you go on an overnight desertsafari, you should dress in layers. The temperature can vary significantlythroughout the day, and you should dress accordingly. Pack some light clothes that will keep you cool during the day and some warm clothes that will help you stay warm during the night. 

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