What makes a desert safari in Dubai an unforgettable experience?

The Dubai desert safari is considered a rich experience in a vast landscape. In the middle of the dunes, you can have exciting activities to do. All these activities make your desert safari experience unforgettable. In this adventurous tour, you can capture several outstanding pictures of the true and natural beauty of the Desert. No one can forget this thrilling night's stay in the cold desert landscape under a blue sky. The most beautiful features of Arabian night involve adventurous rides, night safari, traditional feast, and Arabian music, which is truly worth visiting at least once in life. In this blog, you will know how to spend a day in the vast Dubai desert. 

Morning safari in Dubai Sunrise in the Desert In the morning desert safari, one can head the jaw-dropping view of sunrise that is brighter than bright and even look bigger as it is closer to the horizon. Besides, like sunrise, the whole Desert holds the golden beauty which spreads on the sand and gives a photogenic view to capture amazing pictures. 

Dune bashing to explore the Dubai desert You will also experience your most-awaited, thrilling, and adventurous ride in the morning safari. These include Hummer and 4x4 SUV vehicles, which take you in the midst of the wider Desert through stormy winds and distinctive ways. This part of the safari is considered the most exciting and thrilling activity. For this purpose, the vehicles will pick you up from your Bedouin camps and put you on the adrenaline-boosting ride, which lasts for 30 minutes. Those who want to enjoy their desert safari ride can avail the option of a Private Hummer Desert Safari. But it involves additional charges. 

Wobble Camel safari A wobble camel ride is also involved in the morning desert safari package. It is about a 45-minute ride. It is pretty fun when you board on the camel, and the wobble ride begins. One should know that camel safari occurs in the form of a caravan, so you can explore the Desert vegetative and wild animals during roaming and can capture fantastic pictures with beautiful birds. 

Sand boarding You can have exciting adventure sport with smooth stretch on dunes. To enjoy sandboarding, you can select the dunes that measure 200 to 300 meters. It is a fantastic experience to feel the sand slipping under your foot when you glide super fast. You should not miss this fun experience in the Dubai desert safari. 

Quad Biking – The thrilling Ride Another fantastic and thrilling activity to do in the morning desert safari is Quad biking. There is nothing good and exciting other than riding quad biking in the vast sandy Desert. It gives you an exhilarating experience that will stick to your mind for the rest of your life. Roam like a pro around the Desert and explore it. If you also want to have a quad biking ride, you will be amazed to know that it does not require a specific license or experience to try this. Before trying this, you have to listen to the brief explanation of instructors. There are no hurdles in the sand so that you can enjoy the quad biking experience.   

Hot Air Balloon Safari: If you want to have something more thrilling and exciting besides these usual activities of the package, you can experience the hot air balloon safari. It provides you a view of 360 degrees over the vast, expanded Dubai desert. One should know that it can carry about 24 people at once. So you can book your hot balloon safari to make your trip memorable with your friends or family. As it ascends, your adrenaline will rush with it. From here, you can capture stunning Desert and sunset views. Moreover, it is the plus opportunity to watch desert creatures like camels, deer, and many others. 

Evening desert safari in Dubai Capture Sunset One can never forget the sunset of the Dubai desert. It is a magnificent and magical experience to have. When the sunset, the orange-red color hue spread over the Desert, and then it pas from the sight behind the dune. It immensely loves scenery. Now rush towards these dunes on Range Rover and capture the candid photos. 

Night activities: The night spent in the Desert had a remarkable effect on your memory for the rest of your life. These entertaining activities involve dancing on stilts, exotic belly dance, eating fire, enjoying BBQ dinner, and traditional Arabic feast. Besides, there is an eye-catching tent set up where you can relax and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Set up your luxury tent and enjoy exciting moments with your friends and family. Near the tent, spend the night under the stars and experience the desert safari in Dubai with barbecues, bonfires, and festivities.